Xoc Dia game at dream99

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Xoc Dia is an attractive betting game at Dream99 and it can be said that this is the most popular game at this game portal. You can see that by the fact that the Xoc Dia tables at Dream99 are always full of players.

The rules of Xoc Dia at Dream99 are actually extremely simple, because players will predict the results of the dice and bet with the system. Specifically, the dice in Dream99 Xoc Dia game are dice with white and red sides. These dice will be hidden in a bowl facing down on a plate. There will be a total of 4 dice used in this game. Therefore, when playing coin toss at Dream99, players will be able to bet with many different betting options. Specifically:

Even: You bet on the result of 4 dice to be 2 white or 2 red. Bonus odds of 1 to 0.98
Odd: You bet on the result of 4 dice to be 3 white, 1 red or 3 red, 1 white. Bonus odds of 1 to 0.98
Bet exactly 4 dice are red: Odds bet 1 to 15
Bet exactly 4 dice are white: Odds of betting 1 to 15
Bet the exact dice result is 3 red, 1 white: Bonus odds 1 to 3.9
Bet the exact dice result is 3 white, 1 red: Bonus odds 1 to 3.9
Similar to other betting games at the card game portal Dream99, a coin toss table at this card game portal will have from 1 to 9 players. Besides, the Xoc Dia tables at Dream99 are also divided into many different betting levels. Therefore, players can rely on the remaining money in their account to bet the appropriate amount. List of Xoc Dia tables at Dream99 card game portal includes:

Table with a bet of 100
Table with a bet of 500
Table with a bet of 5,000
Table with a bet of 20,000
Table with a bet of 50,000
Table with a bet of 100,000

To qualify to participate in these tables, the Dream99 card game portal stipulates that the amount of money in your account must be 10 times the minimum bet amount of the table.
The largest bet in a coin toss table is calculated as 10 times the table money
The smallest bet in a dice table is calculated by the table money.
Experience playing Xoc Dia
Bet according to the folding strategy
Folding is the most basic betting method that any betting player must understand. Accordingly, double betting in our country is also known by many different names such as ladder betting, double to death betting.

How to play this betting method is actually very simple. Accordingly, players will initially bet with a small amount of money first. If you win this bet, keep the same bet level in the next bet. However, if unfortunately that bet is a losing bet, double your bet on the next bet.

Applying this betting method, you will never have to leave empty-handed, because it will almost return your capital. However, the most basic requirement is that you must have a strong enough financial resource to support you.

Stop playing immediately if you lose too much
Many people who play coin toss at Dream99 have to leave empty-handed, for one sole reason: they play all-in and don't know when to stop. This is a taboo in any betting game. Because if bad luck follows you, surely no matter how much you bet, your bet will still lose.

Especially when people lose psychologically, they will want to win more and more, until at some point when their mood is no longer alert enough, losing their hands is very easy to happen. Therefore, set yourself a betting limit before playing. If you play to the end of this betting limit, whether you win or lose, you should stop.

Check the prediction before betting
Lottery prediction does not help you guarantee 100% winning when placing a bet. However, it will help a lot in helping you make accurate betting choices. Prediction is a form in which you will rely on the results of previous games to bet on the results of the next game. Specifically, below are some experiences when playing coin toss that you can refer to.

If the results of the previous 3-4 games are all Even, bet Odd in the next game and vice versa.
If the Even and Odd results in previous games are alternating, then bet on the opposite bet based on the results in the previous game.
If there is an Even sequence 5 times in a row, then on the 6th time, set Odd. The way to play pine series with Even is similar
Xoc Dia is an attractive betting game at the card game portal Dream99. In particular, this is one of the types of games that brings extremely high payout rates at Dream99 and is loved by many people. Don't forget to join the Dream99 card game portal today to play Xoc Dia and receive attractive incentives.