Padmashali Matrimony

Worried about your Padmashali matrimony running out of budget? Do give this article a read!

Weddings are one of the most expensive businesses in India. Last year’s study revealed that couples spend around INR 22,13471.94 on an average to sum up their entire wedding!

Isn’t this figure mind-baffling? Well, one of the prime reasons behind this number is that most people do not have a plan and end up spending way extra than their set budget for Padmashali matrimony weddings. Also, despite the presence of modern and cheaper methods, some of us are still doing things old school. For instance, one can always choose the online wedding cards for invitation and forward it to all but they still go for the traditional inviting method and print hundreds of copies for the same card. However, this over-expenditure does not bother people much as most of them have already made their mind that Padmashali matrimony is going to cost them a bomb!

But if you are ready to do things differently and plan your Padmashali matrimony within the budget and discount, we have solutions. Keep reading to know them all!

A Professional Wedding Planner is a Must!

If you have been thinking that hiring a wedding planner is an expensive choice, chuck this idea now. A wedding planner will cut your Padmashali wedding cost in manifolds. Not just that! They also take the entire responsibility of arrangements and household chores in your Padmashali matrimony. So, all you have to do is to hire a wedding planner, tell them a budget and then sit comfortably on your couch to watch them work. 

Wondering how they manage the entire process within the said amount? Well, they have great connections with all the shaadi-related vendors and marketers. Also, these planners have detailed ideas about the affordable yet trendy wedding items you will need in your Padmashali matrimony. Moreover, their team is usually handling 2-3 weddings at a time so when they buy things in surplus the total amount automatically reduces. Many necessary things they bring for you are usually at a wholesale or discounted price. We hope now you are already convinced of hiring a wedding planner for a budgeted and organized wedding!

Do Give a Thought on Online Wedding Cards

We understand that you want to give a personalized touch and warm welcoming gesture while distributing the Padmashali matrimony wedding cards. But the same can be done through the online wedding invitations as well. For instance, websites like Betterhalf facilitate their users to develop an ultra welcoming and super trendy invitation card in just 2-3 business days. They have ample options in designs and templates of the wedding cards. However, if you are not satisfied with the free invitation designs, you can also try the premium version. The proficient designs and content writers in the team will make sure that the message on your card is as personalized and touching as you are expecting for your beautiful Padmashali marriage. 

Once the wedding card is ready, you can send it to as many people as you want with a few clicks on your mobile phone. This is an extremely cost-effective and feasible way to invite your near and dear ones to a wedding.

Free Over the Paid Kundali Matching Option

People have been paying hundreds or thousands of bucks on their local pandits and astrologers for the kundali milan of a couple. Now imagine you can do it all for free and there are no chances of the predictions being inaccurate! 

Cannot believe this? Well, but this is entirely possible with the online kundali matching applications available. All you need to do is to fill in your birth details like date of birth, place of birth, time of birth and click on ‘match kundali’. The kundali matching AI will do the rest of the process and predictions itself. Once you do that, you will get the kundali matching score, all the Guna and conclusion about this Padmashali matrimony on your screen. It will further tell you about the love and relationship compatibility between the couple, their Nakshatra and quality of relationship overall. Isn’t that all you look for while asking an astrologer to do the matching? So, why not opt for the free method!

Try to Squeeze the Guest List

Lesser the people, more is the saving. So, make an appropriate guest list and try to stick to the same. Most families end up inviting 50-100 people extra in their wedding party. So, first let’s discuss ‘why’ this happens;

  • No guest list ready
  • Not sticking to the guest list
  • Venue space < number of guests
  • Inviting people whom you remotely know from somewhere etc

However, if you will keep a check on these points, and try to stick to the plan you can manage the extra cost that comes with extra people in Padmashali matrimony weddings.

So, these are some of the necessary and most cost-effective ways to wrap up your wedding in the set budget. However, a little bit of fluctuation might happen but you surely won’t super-exceed the wedding by following these points. All the best for your upcoming Padmashali matrimony!

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