Best Lehenga Designs

If you still haven’t picked up the best lehenga design for an occasion, this article is a must read for you!  We have made a list of all the important points that will help you get the best lehenga for yourself!

Lehenga is one of the most favorable attire among women. Be it a wedding, reception party or Diwali celebration, lehenga never disappoints its fascinators. However, sometimes ladies end up looking tacky or uncomfortable in their lehenga that ultimately ruins their entire mood. So, it is quite crucial to know what suits your body type and which would be the best lehenga design for you in the upcoming occasion. We agree, comfort and confidence are two main ingredients to look perfectly beautiful in whatever you wear. But confidence automatically comes with comfort and knowing that you look the best. So, here are some tips to ensure the same. Follow the points to get the best lehenga design for yourself!

What’s the Occasion!

First and foremost thing to consider while buying a lehenga for yourself is the occasion. For instance, you cannot wear a similar lehenga design both for a wedding and a festival party. The style, colors, and pattern will surely vary according to the occasion. So, never forget to keep that in mind while choosing an attire.

Now, you can always choose bright colors and heavy patterns if you are attending a wedding party or reception. Likewise, choose a little lighter color and fabric if you want the best lehenga design on a festive occasion. Girls can even pick fishtail lehenga or bodycon lehenga in some random parties at home while the heavy paneled and bright colored lehenga suits best during the wedding festivities or anniversary party. However, there are no limitations overall and the main game only depends on how you carry it!

Consider Your Body Type

Okay girls, so we do not mean to body shame you here but the best lehenga design for you would be in what you are comfortable. While many girls own even the bulkiest attires like a queen, most ladies are uncomfortable in showing their skin. So, set your priorities first and then choose a lehenga pattern which you can flaunt!

However, a great flared lehenga and 3/4th sleeve blouse is one option that looks perfect on all body type and skin complexions. You can also try flared lehengas with halter neck blouses and minimal jewelry to get all dolled up for family parties. A lighter pattern, georgette lehenga and contrast dupatta is another best lehenga design which you can opt for all occasions including wedding celebrations. Only if you can fully wax and polish your skin before wearing a halter neck blouse with your lehenga, your body type will hardly matter. Nothing can stop you from looking the prettiest girl when you walk out of that room with confidence and style.

Do Not Trust an Entirely New Tailor

Many women do the mistake of going to a whole different tailoring shop to design their lehengas. Important note: You should not trust someone entirely new based on other people’s experience with your lehenga!

Sometimes it’s not about a good or bad tailor but the one who suits you. If someone has known your body types and choices for a long time, give them a chance with this lehenga as well. However, if they are unavailable or cannot do your lehenga for some reason try a new tailor with a less important piece of cloth. For example, give him/her any spare piece of cotton cloth for a blouse or kurta. If they do a satisfactory job with it, they might get you the best lehenga design you are looking for. Also, if you are giving them a sample of your cloth for stitching, make sure you try that sample once before giving it to them. Our bodies keep changing at times depending on the food and daily habits. So, it is better to either give them your body measurements or measurement of your recently bought attires. 

Figure Out the Wow Factor!

You can let all the rules and points fade out for the best lehenga design if you can simply hit the ‘wow factor’!

Sometimes no rules and color combinations seem to work as such as your instinct. We mean that if you are picturizing yourself in a certain attire that is the best lehenga design according to you, go ahead with it. You ain’t need anybody’s approval in what you know is the best for you! All you need to make sure is that get that lehenga stitched a little sooner, try on and ensure if it is exactly looking how you imagined it on yourself. Once you love what you are wearing, you need no other mantra to get the best lehenga design for any occasion. 

So, these are some of the prom tips to dress up in the best lehenga design for yourself. Apart from these generic points, we very much want you to know that you embrace your authenticity and uniqueness. This is all that will make you look gorgeous!

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